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Know yourself to create your life path
By Brenden Anderson

“There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance” ― Ali Bin Abi Thalib, the Sufi saint says.

We are all united on planet earth as separate individuals who are part of families, groups and communities. Yet we all have a distinct identity that is related to our family traditions and the culture and environments we've lived in. As individuals we are formed by nature and nurture.

Mark CubanOn our quest to become our best self, learning our passions and understanding our purpose life makes more sense as we ponder he idea, "What will I do when I grow up?" In order to fully understand ourselves, our spirit and soul, we must look within to really know who we are. Are strenghts and weakness. Our triggers that surface our subconscious thoughts that effectively control us.

It is scientifically noted that 70% of our thoughts and decision making comes from our subconscious mind. That is the part of the brain that is constantly filtering what we see and hear so that we can make sense of the world. There are some innatehuman traits and family DNA that factors into who we are and have become.

The more we know our history and background the more we can build on that to move forward to align or passions and purpose to create a profession that is unique to who we are which allows us to reach our highest self and ultimately we can serve our purpose in this life to the fullest.

It all starts from knowing yourself. After my father passed away at 75 years of age, I was cleaning out his house and organizing all his life documents. I knew that my father was a teacher, artist and entreprnuer. Even though his artwork was all around the house, I never really saw him paint. I know he was into multi-media photographer and film maker, but I never got to witness it first hand. He worked for Philadelphia Public Schools for over 30 years as a teacher, curriculum developer and trainer.

Yet it wasn't until I was clearing out his apartment until I really saw the curriculum binders he developed. His photography and graphic design portfolio. These products were eeirily similiar to all the work I had been doing over the past 20 years in education, sports and media. The link to my passion and purpose was staring me in the eyes. Now everything made sense. My career path was simply and extention of where my father started as education innovator who used multi-media to capture his students attention and imagination.

We all have talents, strentghts and weaknesses. Most of these things emerge organically, however its up to us to pay attention to each so that we know ourselves in order to continually develop. Many highly successful people have a sense of themselves and their destiny at a young age.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavricks and a regular of the "Shark Tank" show on ___ started his first business at 8 years old. He has made a successful life of starting and selling companies to build his careers and wealth.

The sooner we look inside ourselves and nuture our thoughts and dreams the sooner we can create our life path. Knowing ourselves is just the start, the work still lies ahead. However the more we know about our history, talents, strenths and weakness our internal guide will illuminate the way.

Knowledge is equated to light. The knowledge is that light which is glowing in the lamp that is the self. (1)

Let your light shine!

Follow up Questions:

Do you know the history and tradions of your family?

Can you name and list your parents'/grandparents' talents, strenghts and weaknesses?

Can you name and list your talents, strenghts and weaknesses?

What are you passionate about? Why do you believe those are your passions?

Do you know your purpose? How you connect to the universe and what you can offer it?


(1) Source : Sri Hari (Sarvajna)


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