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Dream Big!

By Bi Yu
Posted 12/8/13
If you can believe it you can achieve it! 

As children our dreams and imaginations are strong and vivid.  With the world at our fingertips we don’t believe there is anything that can stop us from achieving greatness.  After all, we start out in this world unable to walk or speak; yet we are perfect beings of unlimited potential. 

Einstein ImaginationWe are all extraordinary.  However many times others get us to question and even doubt our ‘extra’ and we end up conforming to be ‘ordinary’, average.  Unfortunately this can happen from people closest to us, who have a direct influence on our development, like our family members, educators and even so-called friends.  These people are colloquially known as “haters”.

Many times we are forced to lower our standards and dim our light to make others feel comfortable in their complacency. Imagine if we end up listening to people who doubt us.  Our imaginations get depleted and our dreams dissuaded. The most lethal is when we internalize others’ misperceptions and doubt ourselves.

There are many athletes, entertainers and artists who followed their dreams and made it happen.  Focus, faith and persistence are some core values that help them reach their dreams.  Proper focus doesn’t let us get distracted or listen to naysayers.  This starts with our vision of what we want to accomplish and what we want it to look like and feel like.  Where there is a will there is a way!

Shine your light

“Umi said shine your light on the world.  Shine your light for the world to see,” Mos Def  (aka Yasim Bey) dropped in his ‘Umi Says’ song where he talks about reaching his internal greatness, by the words of wisdom from his Mom (Umi). 

“I ain't no perfect man,
I'm trying to do, the best that I can,
With what it is I have.” - Mos Def (Umi Says)

Mos Def in concertThat leads us to faith.  “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up,” proclaimed legendary Coach Vince Lombardi.  There will always be failures along the way; in fact they are the steps to success.  What do you glean from those experiences to make adjustments? 

“I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work,” suggests Albert Einstein.

Keep options open, Dreams change

We also need to learn and know how to attain our dreams to make them a reality.  We have to be honest with ourselves in our pursuits.  If you want to be an Olympic sprinter, but you’ve never run on a track team, you may be getting ahead of yourself.  In your dream pursuits it’s important to see how other have achieved those goals so you know what it takes.

Persistence is to uncover every rock by searching out the knowledge, skills and network to be your own dream maker.  Michael Jordan may have dreamt of being the best basketball player ever, but he also realized it took an extensive work ethic and workout regimen to get him there.  It doesn’t come overnight.  The ‘weed out’ process is part of testing if you are willing to do what it takes.

Our dreams won’t become realities unless we make it happen.  We need to realize that in pursuit of our dreams there are other responsibilities to handle on our quest.  Being your best in all life aspects (family, spiritually, academically, etc…) will also prepare you to reach your goals.  It’s not about putting all our eggs in one basket, but realizing how you can utilize all your will and skill to provide more opportunities to succeed. 

The more narrow our dreams and skills that more challenges we’ll have to reach them.  The wider our dreams and skills the more opportunities we’ll have to reach our dreams.  Dreams may even change as we grow and mature and learn more there are even more opportunities for us, including the need for your progressive innovations.

Luck = Opportunity + Preparation

We may have few opportunities to get are big break, but me must be prepared to break through, the proverbial window opening and shutting. Skill development is part of persistence. You will always need to keep up with the times to maintain your dream. As long as you are persistent and adaptive your dreams will be on a continuum unfolding in front of your eyes if you stay present.  As a life-long-learner you will always gain the knowledge, skills and networking to be your Dream Maker! 

 “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!” stated Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors.

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